Been having issues with the PDMP and have filed multiple complaints as I have in the past with no actions being taken by the various government offices like the Oregon Board of Pharmacy. I decided to forward copies of my complaint to the Governor’s office and some media outlets. Guess what? Finally got an investigation letter from the OBP, when they would never even acknowledge my complaints before. The PDMP sent a letter stating prescriptions that I could not find on my patients’ profiles WERE there and had been there for weeks to months. How is it that they can “see” prescriptions that do NOT show up on my system, and I am the prescriber?!

No answer to that from them yet. And they didn’t bother to offer any proof of their statements that these prescriptions WERE on the system within 72 hours. When I checked the system at 28-56 day intervals, they WERE NOT there! “Secret” access for them?

Oregon’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program has “secret” access to records NOT viewable to prescribers?
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