Dr. George reviews records from all sorts of different providers across Oregon. He has seen good records and terrible documentation that borders on negligence and potential malpractice. When records fail to meet the typical standard of care that he sees at most clinics, he will not hesitate to file complaints with the appropriate licensing boards.

Insurance fraud is rampant among users of electronic medical record systems. Many providers are documenting, by checking off boxes and such, that they performed physical examinations and more, when they never even touched the patient. Insurance companies rarely care as long as they aren’t losing too much money. They expect some fraud as a part of doing business; that’s the nature of healthcare in America today. And licensing boards rarely ever investigate any providers for such fraud because they know it is quite rampant. Who cares if it affects patient care? Wait . . . isn’t that one of their mandates; to protect the citizen-patients of Oregon?

There are two doctors in Roseburg whose employees were falsifying pain medication prescriptions for themselves and others. Did anyone care to report it when it was discovered? NO! It has been quietly covered up!

While the federal and state government believes that most things can be solved by throwing more money at it, the reality is that healthcare is NOT really improving in Oregon, especially NOT in Douglas County. I see medical providers (MDs, DOs, PAs, NPs, etc.) coming into the Roseburg area on a regular basis to work at the many federally funded clinics only to leave within the next year or two at most. I have some patients who have had their PCP changed multiple times within just a year or two. The administrative staff at these clinics will have you believe that they didn’t like the area, etc. etc. and left. But in reality most of them just moved out of that clinic to another in the area. The problem is the ADMINISTRATION. Until that changes, NO real change will happen at these clinics. Once biased and inept leadership is in place to put their thumbs down on any providers who “don’t tow their party line,” no real change can happen. Some of these clinics have had multiple turnovers not just in medical staffing, but also in support staff.

Here are the clinics that I call the “Revolving Door” clinics of Roseburg and the surrounding areas:

Umpqua Community Health Center

Umpqua Health

South River Community Health Center